Welcome to Zibica

Please register and start selling. We have kept the entire process simple, so that you can start selling in minutes. Please download out How to sell guide from the below mentioned link:

Download - How to sell document

FAQ for Sellers

How to create my own store?

Please visit the website www.zibica.in. Click on “LOGIN AS ARTIST” on the top right corner and fill in the details.

How to upload our product?

Once you have created a login for yourself, login using the credentials. You can see out step by step guide.
Download - How to sell document

Is there any registration charges?

No, there are no registration charges.

Do I need to pay any monthly charges?

No, you don’t have to pay any monthly charges.

How do I pay commission/processing charges of ZIBICA?

Once a customer places an order, we collect the payment on your behalf. The payment is then transferred to your account (after deducting the commission) once the product is delivered to the client.

Who will bear the shipping cost?

The price you mention on the website should include the shipping cost.

Do I need to send my creations to Zibica team?

No. All your creations are valuable. The artist knows best how to store it.
Once a customer places an order for your creation, you will receive an automated email. You need to ship the creation to the mentioned postal address directly.

How will I get my amount?

Once the customer receives the creations that you have shipped, we will initiate the transfer to your account within 3 working days.

Can I take customized orders?

Yes. We will help you take customized orders.

Can I put my watermark?

No. Please upload the photos of your creations without water mark.

How many items an artist can upload?

There is no limitations to the number of products you want to upload. Your handmade creations are always welcomed.